Chapter 19: World whale and dolphin day

Q: What is it?
A: It is the annual international day of action, education, protest and celebration against whale and dolphin killers.

Q: Why bother nominating a date?
A; 25 years of campaigning has told Cetacea Defence that a day like this can be a useful ally and tool. Like any other tool it has to be used by campaigners, then it has the potential to be effective amongst the media and public. Two examples Cetacea Defence can site are the actions in New Zealand and Sweden in 1998 and 1994 on July 4th World Day For Captive Dolphins. In New Zealand it was the second story covered by national television, events like this can have ripples many years on; the decision, either to operate or close Napier dolphinarium is pending in 2007.

Q: Who's doing this protest?
A: Anyone and everyone can participate from structured organisations to individuals, in fact anybody who has a heart and wants to see whales and dolphins live

Q: Where is the protest?
A: Wherever whales and dolphins are being abused or killed i.e. dolphinariums, fishing boats, dock-sides, fish-markets (where THE PRODUCE OF THE INCIDENTAL KILLS ARE SOLD) and embassies or wherever you want to celebrate and educate others of the lives of these sentient, intriguing and magnificent creatures, i.e. libraries, art galleries, concert halls, schools and colleges or on the streets of town and city centres.

Q: What do I do?
A: Simply show up with all of your friends and protest about these crimes against nature. Cetacea Defence's position is one of non-violent direct action/protest (C.D. generally agrees with the Sea Shepherd policy of confronting or sinking whaling ships and disabling fishing ships incidentally killing life in their ruthless pursuit of profit). Magnificent as these action are, direct action is also as simple as leafleting your fellow humans at the atrocities being done. or being stood by the entrance of a dolphinarium educating the visitors and bearing witness to the suffering. As the Quakers would say, the only limit is the imagination on how you want to act.

Q: When do I do it?
A: On June 30th and if you're having fun continue at any time during the period of July 1st - 7th World Week For Captive Dolphins

"Eighty percent of success is showing up"

Woody Allen