The freedom of the press belongs to those who control it

If you are unfortunate to become a subject for the tabloid press, I guarantee you will then start to read all articles in the press more discerningly. Of the press that appears below, most was reasonably accurate and some, like the Daily Star and the Manchester Metro, very good. At the other end of the spectrum are the Sun and the News of the World. I wonder if the editors at the latter paper know or care about the affect publishing garbage about a person can have on that person. At its worst poor journalism could provoke attacks on the entirely innocent by ignorant and violent people, (who think paediatricians are paedophiles, this apparently has happened) or feed the sort person who attacked and set fire to Bijan Ebrahimi who was actually trying to document vandalism but his murderer wanted to believe he was taking photographs of children, this very sadly happened in Bristol in July 2013 to Bijan.

I don't know what the law is in 2013 but in 1990 the situation was the Crown had six months to charge someone after the date of the allegation. The allegation stemmed from September 1990 and in March 1991, I was charged and after that my name became public knowledge. I had to endure nine months before the court case. It was during this period that two young girls who lived nearby said "do you abuse young girls" and dolphin shagger was shouted out to me. It wouldn't take a great leap of imagination to think that someone could have decided I was already guilty, and some sort of child abuser too, and physically attacked me. I can't see what purpose is served, certainly in my case by releasing a name to the public domain before a court case and verdict.

Press Headlines

1Dolphin activist calls for fun park boycott
2Police vow to halt zoo violenceScarborough Evening News4th June 1991
34 Hurt in Zoo BattleThe Star
4Demo yobs beat up zoo staffThe Sun
5Dolphin demo at Ryedale zoo end in violent clash
6Three held in zoo fight as Bank Holiday Britons flock to tourist spots. Battle of Flamingo LandDaily Express28th May 1991
7Dolphin win for campaign
8Victory, but dolphin campaign to to onManchester Metro News
9Owners remain defiant as last performing dolphins fly out
10Protest leader on dolphin sex chargeThe Yorkshire Evening Press8th April 1991
11Man denies sex assault on dolphinExpress
12Man denies indecency with dolphin
13Jury told of dolphin sex case hate mail
14Boat trippers tell of dolphin sex swimToday10th December 1991
15Zoo man trained his dolphins to remove woman's braThe Northern Echo11th December 1991
16Dolphin man cleared in sex-game trialThe Star14th December 1991
17I just want to get back in the swim with Freddie says cleared diver Alan
18Taking a dip with a perfect gentleman
19The finger of friendship
20Cheer at end of unique indecency trial. Dolphin man clearedYorkshire News
22Dolphin scandal killed my mother
23Flipping Crazy ...The Daily Star
24Is this the finish for Freddie?
25Worries over dophin charge 'cost caring mother her life'A Manchester newspaper14th December 1991
26Nothing fishy about our love. 'We're just good friends,' says the dolphin case man.News of the World15th December 1991
27Freddie's friend back in the swimScottish Sunday Mail
28Dolphin trial man tells of his ordeal. Activist is cleared of indecencyA Manchester newspaper
29Man is arrested in anti-whaling protestEvening Telegraph15th September 1993
30Case witness with bite!
Killer whale to appear in court.
31Extra police to monitor festival
Keeping peace in shark fishing protest.