For Annie and Eric Cooper, the best parents anyone could have. For a fabulous bottlenose dolphin, humans stupidly called Freddy.

Acknowledgements and thanks to:

Tony Jennings, the best barrister anyone could have, assisted by Mary Mckeone. The jurors for seeing the façade that it was and acquitting me with a unanimous decision in around 30 minutes. Guy Otten a solicitor in Manchester for his professional work.

Dr. Horace Dobbs and Doug Cartlidge for acting as expert witnesses at the trial. Doug's insight knowledge of the dolphinaria industry was invaluable during campaigns and his advice was usually good. Thanks for writing such a nice introduction Doug, the Mexican Viagra you asked for in payment is in the post! Horace also came and gave very good talks to campaigners on the national demonstrations in York in 1991 and 1992. Gordon Panitizke also gave an address in 1991. Doug and Joe Phillips, a vegan wildlife cameraman, also gave a talks in Pickering in 1993. Thanks to all the campaigners who attended the three demonstrations, you played a role in a small part of history.

Thanks to Lesley Tarleton, Lennae Sykes, Alan Knight, Wincey Willis, Doug Perrine, Louise Wallis, Estelle Myers and Dr Peter Evans for providing statements. Ann and Cathy Stark and Pete for accommodation and support during the trial.

Pete Blathwyt for his regular financial contributions, which helped with printing leaflets and with petrol costs for the 200 mile round trip from Manchester to Yorkshire during the Flamingo Land Dolphin Campaign. Robin and Paula from The Vegan Sunflower Cafe in Ashton-Under-Lyne, for the food and cafe's van for regular trips to Flamingo Land.

The people who acted on the picket lines over a two year period, Paddy and Evonne and others from Hull Animal Rights, Diana and others from Newcastle Animal Rights. Two women from Bradford Animal Rights. Duncan from York and a host of people from Manchester Animal Protection Group, Russell, Mary, Fran, Adam, Diana, Vicky, Louise, Alison, Blod and Brench. To Pam, Jeanette, Gary and Angus, thanks for travelling to support me during the week of the trial. If I have forgotten or omitted any names, my sincere apology (please let me know and I will correct this).

A special thanks to neighbour Terry, who before the trial knocked on my door and said "Alan, I don't believe a word of it". He did want none of my brothers or other family could. George Guthrie for being a mate in Amble.

Thanks also to the many animal rights people who came to show support during the final day and verdict.

To Russell and Andrew for some great times with Freddy. Finally again to Freddy for attention to an inept human in a dolphin's true environment. You tossed the dice and I played it as it landed. I hope when you left Amble, you had some decent memories of humans.

Thanks to the now unknown people who sent me photographs that are not attributed with credit in the gallery section. Occasionally after getting out from a swim someone would say they had taken photographs and if I gave them my address they would send them to me and often they did!

Lastly thanks to Ian Nicoll for creating the website and helping with editing and being patient with the changes to text I have asked him to make.