The only educational value of dolphinaria would be as an inadvertent study into human egoism and arrogance.

William Johnson - The Rose-Tinted Menagerie

dophin repeatedly going through hoops - on Sunday Flipper stopped keeping a diary.

Flipper was told he had the day off. Great. No hoops, no silly hats, no toothbrushes, no people standing on his back, no tricks ... nowhere to go.

Hey kid, fancy a boat ride? Dolphin trainers hanging around schools.

Dennis, the trainer, soon realised teaching Flipper to talk wasn't such a good idea - get me out of here!

Woman in a glass box - Norma stated to regret marrying  dolphin trainer.

Flipper had a particular attitude to tuna fishermen and dolphin trainers - don't mess with us.

I am an admirer of Gary Larson's wacky cartoons 'The Far Side of Life' and they gave me the idea to create 'The Far Side of Flipper' cartoons. Humour can be a good way of getting a message across to people to whom the message might not reach in another way. I had ideas but the problem was I couldn't draw, so I asked Rhian Thomas, one of those talented vegan people who can draw, sing and play a musical instrument, all made worse by having a warm personalty. Rhian was that sort of a despicable person, but at least she was handicapped by a having a boy-friend called Stench, who later changed his name, either because he started to wash or just became embarrassed by his name as he got older! I gave Rhian some ideas and not only did she draw the cartoons but when she gave them to me, she had improved on my ideas, so most of the credit should go to her!