After the court case ...

Alan Cooper went to Amble to swim with the dolphin Freddy.

Card sharks and blue harps and
Dolphins who leap
In my blue heaven
Where I can laugh, I can weep

Blue Heaven - The Pogues

Photo credit George Guthrie.

The story of a beautiful two-year friendship between a man and a wild free-thinking dolphin.

The author's campaigning near twenty year efforts to abolish the slavery of dolphin captivity in "bare-concrete tanks".

Details the first account published by the author of how he became embroiled in and subsequently acquitted of a "dolphin sex case" that made international headlines.

people holding banner - flamingoland dolphin prison

Misse, Rocky and Silver, the ex-captive dolphins

What it was all about. Misse, Rocky and Silver, the ex-captive dolphins from Brighton and Morecambe dolphin shows, finally tasting freedom in the Turks and Caicos Isles in 1991.